Since Landscape design and Architecture is such a diversified profession that encompasses many fields of interest and specialization, LAMAN TBG SDN BHD (previously known as Perunding TBG) aims to unite these extraordinary skills and talent, along with our vast experiences and commitment to creating great living spaces while simultaneously promoting
community interaction and public awareness of the land.

LAMAN TBG SDN BHD is an innovative landscape architecture firm characterized by our dedication to good relationships, superior service and responsive project solutions. We also emphasize on fun and creativity to create balanced and highly innovative designs. Therefore we work closely with our clients to cultivate effective team communication while integrating the project elements and distinct character into a dynamic framework.

Dedication to good relationships

Superior service and responsive project solutions

Significantly contributes to the well being of the built environment through professional services and innovative ideas by providing the following list of services:

Design Services

  • Master/Comprehensive design.
  • Conceptual & schematic design.
  • Layout design.
  • Campus planning.
  • Government projects.
  • Universities, colleges & schools.
  • Factories.
  • Infrastructures.
  • Cemeteries.

Analysis & Feasibility Studies

  • Land use zoning.
  • Environmental assessment.

Landscape Design

  • Environmental design.
  • Landscape planning.
  • Waterfront.
  • Public garden.

Certify, Beautify, Sustain

Professional & Certified

In the realm of landscape architecture, certification is not just a badge—it’s a commitment to turning open spaces into timeless works of art, harmonizing nature and design.

Certificate of registration – SSM

Certificate of registration – ILAM

Certificate of registration – MOF

Meet Our People

A small but mighty team

An exclusive glimpse into the core of our operations, where nature meets
expertise! We invite you to explore the talented individuals who bring
landscapes to life through their passion and proficiency.